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Thank you to those who submitted a nomination for the Nevada Women’s Legacy Community Quilt that was brought to you by Women of Diversity Productions, Inc. The initial exhibition is on display through April 1, 2015 at the Nevada Legislature on the second floor of the Senate Building, in the Atrium, as part of the Nevada Women’s Legacy exhibition. For more information, click here.

Join us for the Nevada Women's Legacy Book Celebrations throughout the state. Click here for the latest celebrations and media.

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Currently we have all three parts available below of the First Ladies First event, take a moment to listen and decide…  YES, I want to be involved with this exciting project!

First Ladies First in three parts


Women of Diversity Productions, in collaboration with other non-profit organizations throughout Nevada invite you to participate in this historical project. Click to go to our Facebook page or twitter and join to receive the latest updates on events, interviews and other happenings of this project. 

Our mission is to give visibility to women & create a woman-appreciated future. Join us in this project to collect and permanently display and store oral histories, video interviews and other ways of knowing Nevada women and their contributions to making “Nevada Proud, Nevada Battle Born”. By means of our outreach program we are developing partnerships with women in the cities, towns and rural communities in all Nevada counties. We are encouraging and facilitating a comprehensive collection of women╩╝s history through voices and faces of living women.

Primarily the internet site will be: with sharing on: and Contact Marlene at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 702.655.2146 or click the contact/donate/volunteer button above.

Thank you for visiting the Nevada Women’s Legacy website and come back to see the latest interviews and information on how women helped shape Nevada history and will continue to into the future.