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Women of Searchlight, Laughlin and Cal-Nev-Ari



The second event of The Nevada Women's Legacy-150 Years of Excellence Sesquicentennial Project was held  on Saturday afternoon, January 25, 2014 at the Searchlight Community Center. This event, free to the public, was a celebration of the contributions of six women from Southern Nevada:   Verlie Doing and Jane Overy from Searchlight, Deb Dauenhauer, Cheryl Crow and Dottie Lewis representing Laughlin, and Nancy Kidwell from Cal-Nev-Ari. The entire event was video recorded to be placed  on the website:

Caption: from left to right: VerlieMaeDoing-DebDauenhauer-NancyKidwell-

Dr. Marlene Adrian and Denise Gerdes, representing the nonprofit Women of Diversity Productions, Inc., coordinators of the Nevada Women's Legacy - 150 Years of Excellence project, introduced the women and the project. They also  showed video recordings of their interviews of the honored women.  The women or a family member spoke briefly about their life and contributions to their communities.  


After enjoying light refreshments provided by the Searchlight Historic Museum Guild, the audience was asked to respond to the question "WHAT CAN YOU AND ALL WOMEN DO IN THE NEXT 150 YEARS TO BRING YOUR TALENTS TO THE FOREFRONT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA’S HISTORY?  IS THERE A BLUEPRINT OR DO YOU CREATE YOUR OWN?"  Everyone agreed that each created their own. Six individual responses were shared with the group and were recorded.  



The Searchlight Historic Museum Guild hosted the event and Clark County Museums provided the sound system.  All video recordings of the event and the clips of the original interviews of the women honored today will be available for public viewing at




Second Event of the Nevada Women's Legacy - 150 Years of Excellence Sesquicentennial Signature event:

 Meet: Women of Cal-Nev-Ari, Laughlin and Searchlight, NV

     Learn about their history and contributions to their communities

Date: 1-25-14
Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Location: Searchlight Community Center. 200 Michael Wendell Way. Searchlight, NV (Clark)
Description: A Nevada Women’s Legacy-150 Years of Excellence Sesquicentennial Signature Event. An informal gathering with discussions by six women of Searchlight, Laughlin and Cal-Nev-Ari communities will feature Cheryl Crow, Dottie Lewis, Nancy Kidwell, Debbie  Dauenhauer,  Verlie Doing and Jane Overy. Historical displays and video clips of their interviews will be available for viewing and listening.  Join in live video interchanges of ideas by other women in these communities on topics such as “What needs to be done to insure a quality of life for the next 150 years of statehood”?  Complimentary light refreshments will be available.

Meet  Women who have shaped these communities. Learn about the history of these communities. A free interesting afternoon at the Community Center and Museum in Searchlight. 

Phone Number702-297-1642









Marlene Adrian, President

Claytee White, Vice President

Cynthia Cicero, Secretary

Denise Duarte, WOD Board

Julie Davies, AAUW

Denise Gerdis

DeeDee Nave, Junior League

Mary Gafford, Mesquite Club

Sam King, League of Women Voters

Peggy McElrath

Samela Dingus

Linda Kass, Pahrump


President Marlene Adrian called meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. at UNLV, Dept of Special Collections conference room.


# 1.   Marlene gave update of 8/28 Nevada 150 Commission.  

We received approval to use their logo in our project.

Kara Kelley is new Executive Director.

Mobile museum sounds as if it had been scrapped. (Note from Marlene after meeting with Kara on 9/23. Kara wants to find money to make the mobile museum happen.)

Commission will sell medallions instead of coins.

Commission heard the presentation of Dr. Alica Barber to do interviews throughout the state with mobil units.  Marlene advised Andy Kirk after the meeting that this is exactly the type of work that our organization is doing. some sharing of information needs to be done. 


The next Commission meeting is scheduled for afternoon of September26 in the Grant Sawyer Building on Washington Ave., in the Governor’s conference room.  Marlene confirmed the time with Kara  ----  the time will be 2pm

More information is available on the website  This web site should be operable prior to Commissioner's meeting on 9/26. Our project should be on the site -- if not call in!


# 2.  Committee Reports:

Media Committee: Julie Davies

The committee met with Dawn Gibbons.  Those who attended were Marlene Adrian, Barbara Lacy, Helen Mortenson, Leah Young and Julie Davies.    30 and 15 second PSAs were filmed that will go to state officials and women’s organizations statewide.  Dawn would like interesting and unusual stories about women that can be included in Channel 3’s expanded newscasts. The tag line will be “150 years of excellence.”

At that meeting a proposal was mde to create an event in November  "First Ladies First". This later was changed to January date TBD.  All five former First Ladies would be present: Dawn Gibbons Dema Guinn, Bonnie Bryan, Sandy Miller, Kathryn List. We will invite the current First Lady Kathleeen Sandoval to introduce the former First Ladies who will present " a forum, discussion of what they accomplished  and what the roles and influences they had". 

At today's meeting we discussed video taping and video streaming and the format of the event. Jan Jones is committed to providing a location at Caesar’s.  Claytee suggested PBS might be contacted for the discussion of video aspects, because they have the technical capabilities.

Denise Duarte suggested we consider creative ways of positioning women’s discussions, for example, seated around a kitchen table with audience in the round, and taping from above.  A committee was established to consider unique ways of presenting the event.  Committee consists of Denise, who will be the lead person, with Cynthia Cicero and Julie Davies.  Committee will also suggest scope, location, date.


Linda  Kass offered to include recognition of women’s legacy as part of her reception for her annual International Desert Film Festival in Pahrump on Memorial Day weekend.  If that is to occur, all taping should be completed by March 15, giving Marlene sufficient time for editing.


# 3. Researchers’ Reports:

Interview questions were not attached to minutes as planned and will be distributed with these minutes. 


Denise Gerdes interviewed women in Laughlin and prepared bios on interviewees. 

Interviewees included Verlia Doing (Searchlight); Nancy Kidwell (Cal-Nev-Ari)  

Interviews and exhibit will be shown at Laughlin library and Searchlight museum.  Also investigating Mt. Charleston, Bunkerville, and Mesquite.


Sam King advised that Mesquite LWV will be conducting a tea recognizing exceptional women and it may be a good place for us to promote the Nevada Women's Legacy project.


Claytee White – Has contacts from Ely and Fallon. Denise D. can interview women in Winnemucca.


Cynthia Cicero – Met with Anne McKee of the PEO group who was very helpful.  Cynthia will compile a list of names and Anne will make contact for us. 


Sam King – Made contact with Catherine Cortez Mastos and Kate Marshall.  She also mentioned a woman, Carmel Wood who led a remarkable life and received her high school diploma at 85.


Marlene Adrian met with Frankie Sue Del Papa  and received many contacts and recommendations for interviewing women.


General Discussion:

Potential sponsors, possibility of teleconferencing meetings to encourage participation from the north. We now have 8 solid names of women in the North who wish to join our meetings.  Marlene will work with Jan Gilbert to have a video teleconferencing meeting in October. Marlene will contact the Lt. Governor office  through Susan Moore, Senior Policy Advisor , who is at the Commissioner's meeting in Las Vegas to see if the Lt. gov. can help us find the means to do this. 


Next Meeting:  10/10/13 or 10/17/13 @6:15 p.m. Marlene will confirm date and location.

Meeting Adjourned. Approximately 8pm.










DATE:  AUGUST 19, 2013




Marlene Adrian, President

Claytee White, Vice President

Cynthia Cicero, Secretary

Denise Duarte, WOD Advisory Board

Leah Young

Julie Davies, AAUW

Denise Gerdis

Linda Miller

Helen Mortenson

Barbara Lacy, Mesquite Club

DeeDee Nave, Junior League

Mary Gafford, Mesquite Club

Sam King, League of Women Voters


President Marlene Adrian called meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. in the Reading Room at UNLV, Lied Library, Special Collections.


# 1.  Marlene gave recap of meeting of Nevada 150 Commission.  


Commission’s planning is not very far along at this point.  Marlene spoke to Scott H. Casey, who is the event program coordinator, and received permission for us to use the 150 logo, but to date we have not received it.  The USPS will issue a Nevada commemorative stamp, but they decide what the stamp image will be.  

Esther Carter resigned her post as executive director of 

the commission and she resigned from the City of Las Vegas to accept a position in the private sector.  This may delay the process further until a replacement is named.


The next Commission meeting is scheduled for August 29, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. in the Grant Sawyer Building on Washington Ave., in the Lt. Governor’s chambers.  More information is available on the website 


# 2.  Dawn Gibbons has volunteered to support our project through the News 3 resources. This means she will assist with advertising and PSAs.  Barbara Lacy, Julie Davies, Leah Young, and Helen Mortenson will accompany Marlene to a meeting with Dawn on Thursday, 8/22 at 2:30 p.m. at Channel 3.  It was also suggested to contact Bob Stoldal as well as Cox Communications.  We will not contact PBS or other media stations at this point (until after this meeting).


# 3. Researchers’ Reports:


A. Claytee White – Museums.  After receiving more specific guidance, Claytee developed an action plan to e-mail museums throughout the state to request resources related to women within the various communities, including but not limited to women-authored books, journals, letters, other written materials, artifacts, and photos to glean what is available for us to incorporate into the 150 project.  


Assistance offered by group: 


BeeZee Tomlison, Logandale School, has access to over 400 histories of the St. Thomas community.  


DeeDee Nave will contact the PEO, a local philanthropic women’s organization for 



Denise Gerdis will forward contacts in Mt. Charleston, Laughlin (Debbie Davenhauer, 

Glady Laughlin), Searchlight (Verlie Doing), and Cal-Nev-Ari (Nancy Kidwell)


B. Cynthia Cicero – Nevada Cities.  Investigated city councils, boards, and organizations and located some possible candidates to interview.  Will follow up.


C. Sam King – Nevada Counties. Preliminary list includes Catherine Cortez Masto, Judge Kadish, and Barbara Buckley.  Will continue her research. It was agreed that we would recognize at least one community from each county. 


D. Marlene Adrian – Soroptimist, AAUW, Jr. League, Federation of Women’s Clubs are all potential sources.


Discussion of Reports followed:


We are in the process of organizing a video shoot and gathering of women in the Laughlin community. Most likely will videotape in mid-September. We also are beginning work with the Cal-Nev-Ari, Mesquite and Pahrump communities.  The tentative initial video taping will consist of:  Laughlin community of women, Winnemucca and Humboldt county women ( Denise D.), women preserving our past and creating educational entities (Helen), women in Nevada State offices (all), and the First Ladies of Nevada - Sawyer through Gibbons. This latter is a completed video. It will be on our website and plans will be made for promoting it.  


Suggested Daughters of Utah Pioneers be tapped. Julie Davies will follow up.


#4.  Presentation of proposed model for contacting communities was reviewed and approved with the addition of a statement that advises communities of our goal and purpose.  Denise Gerdis will refine and redistribute to group so that it can be used by members of our committee to contact potential women and communities to be included in our project. This was used by Denise G. for the Laughlin planning.  


#5.  Oral history process:


Claytee will design interview questions

Focus will be on oral histories/video/memorabilia, and a short bio, NTE 500 words, and a photo will accompany each web posting.


Claytee reminded us to include a release agreement.


Marlene encouraged all attendees to visit to be familiar with website. 


#6.  Communications Strategy – Leah Young


Leah presented strategy to use i-radio to produce a call-in broadcast to collect information on notable community women.  She will need some specific dates in order to set up the program.  A town board format is another possibility.


#7.  Referrals for interview, lists of names to Marlene by 9/6.


Congratulations to Denise Duarte on her new position with Clark County!


Meeting Adjourned.


Next Meeting site: Morelli House was suggested, with backup site at the Mesquite Club house.  Dedee Nave confirmed the use of Morelli House two days later. 


Next Meeting:

9/17/13 @ 6:15 p.m. at the Morelli House which is at 861 E. Bridger Avenue at the corner of 9th Street and Bridger Avenue. 



Four-term Nevada assemblywoman and former Boulder City, Nevada councilwoman, Ms. Gene Segerblom as died, leaving a legacy of community service to her beloved state of Nevada.  Mother to state senator Tick Segerblom, Gene belonged to a long line of devoted Nevada politicians. 

To read more about Gene's life and career, read the Las Vegas Review-Journal article, Ex-legislator Gene Segerblom leaves legacy of public service


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